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razzle dazzle ‘em

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superwooper tagged me did i do the selfie meme right i think i definitely did

& my co-stars:
theowldepot as rider
ko-gil as kariyan & rin
labocat as irisviel

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ハイキュー!!  HQ!!

日向 翔陽 / KayiTea

影山 飛雄 / Hiro

孤爪 研磨 / Cen

黒尾 鉄朗 / 曹曹

清水 潔子 / Dishonest

谷地 仁花 / Cen

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My Oikawa cosplay at MiniComi 2014 because I love Oikawa so much I cosplayed him on his birhtday (Japan time). (/)////(\) Thanks for everyone who stopped by our booth and gross fangirled HQ with me!!

Photo Thanks: Aethersean

Uniform credits: Miko for doing such a brilliant job sewing. I was so afraid of messing up when I painted the numbers/logos ^q^



七瀬 遙 / MoMo

橘 真琴 / Hiro


do you pilot eva just to have people praise you?

Asuka / Photos / Edits

praise Megan’s photography & Cindy’s photoshop skills for makin my outfit look good b/c I made it in one day lmao


Some day, all those memories we can’t touch, we’ll lose them
But even if you leave no shape behind,
you are my light.

Mamimi / Photography

idk why i never posted these theyre probably my favourite pictures from the mamimi shoot :’)


大海原と大海原  Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea 

大海原 / Dishonest


But I’m not the villain, despite what you’re always preaching. Call me a traitor, I’m just collecting your victims. They’re getting stronger, I hear them calling.

Photographer: Stephen
Kat: the Starktorialist

Some photos from this weekend :) Had a really fun time at Northwest Fanfest! Still missing a lot of details on Kat, but I’ll have them done by Summer Festival. 1000000% in love with the window reflection photo ahhhh

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We’re still looking for Jesus
Hot Pants | Gyro Zeppeli | Photo


We’re still looking for Jesus

Hot Pants | Gyro Zeppeli | Photo