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My Oikawa cosplay at MiniComi 2014 because I love Oikawa so much I cosplayed him on his birhtday (Japan time). (/)////(\) Thanks for everyone who stopped by our booth and gross fangirled HQ with me!!

Photo Thanks: Aethersean

Uniform credits: Miko for doing such a brilliant job sewing. I was so afraid of messing up when I painted the numbers/logos ^q^



七瀬 遙 / MoMo

橘 真琴 / Hiro


do you pilot eva just to have people praise you?

Asuka / Photos / Edits

praise Megan’s photography & Cindy’s photoshop skills for makin my outfit look good b/c I made it in one day lmao


Some day, all those memories we can’t touch, we’ll lose them
But even if you leave no shape behind,
you are my light.

Mamimi / Photography

idk why i never posted these theyre probably my favourite pictures from the mamimi shoot :’)


大海原と大海原  Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea 

大海原 / Dishonest


But I’m not the villain, despite what you’re always preaching. Call me a traitor, I’m just collecting your victims. They’re getting stronger, I hear them calling.

Photographer: Stephen
Kat: the Starktorialist

Some photos from this weekend :) Had a really fun time at Northwest Fanfest! Still missing a lot of details on Kat, but I’ll have them done by Summer Festival. 1000000% in love with the window reflection photo ahhhh

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We’re still looking for Jesus
Hot Pants | Gyro Zeppeli | Photo


We’re still looking for Jesus

Hot Pants | Gyro Zeppeli | Photo


"On Tamaran, we appreciate the past. We respect it, but we don’t live there. We live here, now, in the moment."

Photographer: passerslife (FACEBOOK PAGE)
Starfire: thestarktorialist (FACEBOOK PAGE)


Sailor Planet Power, Make-Up!

Now that Lexy’s returned the photos of the shoot she did for us at Fanime, let me just boast for a little about this group. It is so rare for groups to actually come together so seamlessly for me (even if we had no Jupiter). We put a lot of effort into getting people to do it, communicating well, collaborating on patterns and methods, and making sure that we all matched and we all looked good. AND EVERYONE LOOKED SO. GOOD.

It was so worth it and it was one of the biggest highlights of my cosplay career thus far. Thank you so much to everyone who participated for pulling through and making it awesome, and even if we were stuck in these costumes all day and our feet hurt from being stopped for photos in front of the con center without moving for over an hour, it was so much fun and it totally paid off. <33

Super Sailor Moon | Super Sailor Mercury | Super Sailor Mars | Super Sailor VenusSuper Sailor Chibimoon | Helios | Super Sailor Uranus | Super Sailor Neptune | Super Sailor Pluto | Super Sailor Saturn

Photos by Amaryie (thank you so much for shooting us but I think I’ve gushed enough about how gorgeous these are EVERYWHERE already <33)

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Hit shuffle on your iPod, phone, iTunes, whatever it is you listen to music on and then write down the first 20 songs that come up. Tag 10 people that you want to do it too! As always, no obligations.

Tagged by ankimohime! Bc I guess I kind of miss lj memes too

1. The Ballad of Mona Lisa - Panic! at the disco (I really like the Vices&Virtues album)
2. fragile - Every Little Thing (I like ballad songs)
3. Once Upon a Dream - Mary Costa (The vocal depth in older Disney songs are really nostalgic)
4. Beautiful Thing - Xiah Junsu/DBSK (DBSK obsession that never left)
5. Departures ~Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta~ - Supercell (I used to really like Supercell’s songs!)
6. Attachment - F.T. Island (YeAA I used to just like Kpop in general, I like how F.T. Island were a band though)
7. High Touch - Maaya Sakamoto (I like OSTs)
8. Eien no Umi ~A song for Zephyr~ - Choro Club feat. Senoo Takeshi (OST song!! Every single song in Aria OST is amazing)
9. This is How It Goes Down - P!nk-Funhouse (it was part of a fanmix)
10. Insa - JaeJoong/DBSK (Ballads!!!)
11. My Memories are vanishing - ??? probs Tsubasa OST (I’m weak for piano OSTs)
12. Footsteps - Jaejoong/DBSK (ahaha sad ballad, slay me)
13. Black Flower - CN BLUE (bands! Kpop! what more for my younger self)
14. Karma - BUMP OF CHICKEN (Thanks Tales of the Abyss)
15. laputa (en guitarra) - Castle in the Sky OST (Instrumental OSTs!)
16. Aria to Osanpo - Choro Club feat. Senoo Takeshi (More instrumental OSTs)
17. Like Right Now - DBSK (DBSK ballad lmfao)
18. Looking Glass - The Birthday Massacre (more fanmixes)
19. Coccoro - Kawai Eri (Aria OST! lovely Italian aria[hah] style voice)
20. witch - the bird and the bee (my theme song rn, jk it was part of a fanmix)

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